Team RWBY Quiz


15 questions total.

  1. Red like...

  2. Food fight in the cafeteria! What's your weapon of choice?

  3. You're out at the club with your friends. What are you most likely doing?

  4. How serious do you think you are?

  5. Are you "adorkable"?

  6. How much collateral damage do you cause when you beat up bad guys?

  7. What kind of fighter are you?

  8. You're at a bakery of deliciousness. What goods do you buy?

  9. What's the most important trait a person should have?

  10. It's snowing outside! What do you do?

  11. Which chess piece do you like the most?

  12. Which mythical creature is the coolest?

  13. What type of jewelry do you prefer?

  14. The Grimm are attacking! What's your instinct telling you?

  15. Think you can you make this shot?

There'll be no hero in the end who will rise above: